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Execution Eats Strategy For Breakfast at the May Chamber Luncheon!

David Cleveland with Corporate Performance Group served as our guest speaker at our Chamber luncheon on Tuesday, May 22nd.

While keeping it short and sweet, David explained in a humourous and entertaining way how businesses should quit discussing Five Year Strategy and focus on making sure the company mission and vision actually fit the company and then leveraging that against actionable one year goals. These goals should then be reinforced, tracked, and prioritized with weekly and monthly meetings. He also stressed the importance of everyone attending these meetings and not being excused because someone had scheduled a client visit or other meeting against it. David did an excellent job and has even made his intire presentation available to chamber members through the Catoosa Chamber office.

About Our Speaker: David Cleveland has over 36 years of experience running businesses of diverse industries and sizes. In 2015, he joined the management consulting firm Corporate Performance Group where today he is Managing Partner. The firm focues on helping business owners grow and transition their businesses. He has specialized experience in strategy development, executive transsition planning, executive coaching, sales force and channel development, and executive compensation and search.

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