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OK Freewheel 2018 coming to Catoosa!

We've got company coming so better get the barn painted now!

It's estimated that 500 bicyclists will be starting from Elk City on June 10th to ride across Oklahoma and on to Joplin, MO as part of OK Freewheel 2018.

This is an annual bicycle ride across Oklahoma that originally started in 1979 and traditionally goes from the Texas/Oklahoma border to either Kansas, Missouri or Arkansas. The route changes each year and gives the riders the chance to see parts of Oklahoma that few have a chance to see and appreciate.

This year, they will be riding along Route 66 and one of the stops they will make is Catoosa. They'll arrive on Thursday, June 14th to rest, eat and sleep and will leave after breakfast on Friday morning. Catoosa Public Schools has graciously offered space for them to camp, sleep, and eat.

We are asking all businesses along Rt. 66 to "roll out the red carpet" for them so they feel welcomed by us. Providing water and Gatorade is also appreciated. When our guests leave, we want them to be able to reflect back and remember how hospitable we were and how beautified our city is. Our next planning meeting is Thursday, April 19 at 10:00 am at the Chamber office. Your help and donations are appreciated!

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