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Special Events & Fact Sheet for Park Improvements

Fact Sheet - "Park Improvements"

1995 – "Catoosa Civic Center Sales Tax” The ¼ % Catoosa Civic Center Sales Tax was approved by a special municipal election in 1995. The stated purpose of the Civic Center Sales Tax was to construct and operate three community facilities: a Public Library; a Community Center; and a Recreation Center. The Library and Community Center have been completed. Due to the substantial capital cost to construct and the annual cost to staff and operate an Indoor Recreation Facility, the balance of the revenue stream from the ¼ % sales tax simply does not generate adequate funding for a Recreation Center.  

2013 – "Parks & Recreation Board” Recognizing the reality there is inadequate funding to construct a Recreation Facility in the foreseeable future, the Park Board recommended that the limited funding available from the portion of the ¼ % set aside for the Recreation Facility be reallocated to construct and operate other less capital intensive park improvements that could be utilized and enjoyed by the Catoosa Community. Some examples of Park Improvements being explored by the Park Board include but are not limited to Baseball Fields, Playgrounds, Picnic Shelters, Disc Golf Course, etc.

ROADBLOCK- The language in the 1995 Election specifically limited the use of the ¼ % Sales Tax Revenue to the construction and operation of a Municipal Building. This language restriction eliminates any possibility of constructing the less capital intensive type of outdoor park improvements mentioned above.

 SOLUTION- April 2, 2013 Municipal Election to modify this restrictive language that limits the use of the funds strictly to constructing an indoor building. This would have no impact on the current funding for the Library or the Community Center. It would only modify the language in regards to the funding previously set aside for the Recreation Center Building.

 April 2, 2013 Municipal Election Proposition

 "Shall the City of Catoosa, Oklahoma modify the limited-purpose of the portion of the "Catoosa Civic Center” ¼ % Sales Tax, approved by an election in 1995, for the Catoosa Phase III Recreation Center to allow the funds previously collected & those to be collected in the future, to be used for constructing, equipping & furnishing & to provide for the continuing operation, remodeling, modernizing & repairing of park & recreation improvements or amenities.”

If the proposition passes it will allow these funds to be used for less capital intensive outdoor park improvements as mentioned above in lieu of those limited funds continuing to accumulate in the bank and sitting idle while residents of the Catoosa Community could be utilizing and enjoying a variety of alternative park improvements. If the proposition passes the Parks Board will seek public input from the community to determine the specific alternative park improvements to be constructed with the available funds.

If the Proposition does not pass the sales tax funds previously collected & set aside as well as those funds collected in the future for the Recreation Center Building will continue to be collected and accumulate in the bank at a rate that will not allow the construction of the Recreation Facility in the foreseeable future. 

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