The Chamber

Mission: Promote Catoosa to potential businesses and present a favorable climate to attract new businesses.

Business Resources

The Catoosa Chamber of Commerce is an advocate for businesses in our community.  We provide Members with valuable resources and tools to assist you with your business needs.

Life in Catoosa

Come, enjoy what Catoosa has to offer. Rolling hills of green, new home developments, the Hard Rock Casino, beautiful golf courses and more!

About Us

The Catoosa Chamber of Commerce represents more than a hundred businesses in Catoosa and the surrounding communities.  To promote the businesses that we serve, we will focus our resources on business development, economic development, community development, education and civic responsibilities within our community.

Please tour our website to see who we are, what we offer, and then come join us and begin getting involved.We work and live in this wonderful community and we are proud to be of service to you.


From the Board         


The Catoosa Chamber of Commerce is comprised of individuals from our local business community, our education system and our civic organizations. We are a volunteer organization ~ we are professionals ~ we are a team.

We are dedicated to the growth, development and success of each one of our member businesses and we have begun implementing several new initiatives to provide our members with tools for success. In recent years the Chamber completely revised our website to provide our members with tools and resources that are applicable to the needs of today's businesses. If we support the businesses within our community, our community will grow, thrive and succeed.

As a Chamber we recognize that commerce is the engine behind our local economy and we are always working to develop new and creative ways to improve commerce within Catoosa. We are constantly looking at ways to increase retail, industrial and residential developments. Even during these times when development and construction has slowed in other cities, we see construction happening around us and we are encouraged that this trend will continue.

The Catoosa Chamber of Commerce is proud of our community. We have a strong commitment to our schools, outstanding partnerships with the City of Catoosa and the Catoosa Economic Development Authority and we have a love for our community.


Catoosa Chamber of Commerce Board Members